Building Information Modelling Software is incredibly advanced and has great benefits towards the MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) industry. Traditional mechanical systems are displayed in a 2D format making project management a very difficult task whereas BIM allows users to design, estimate, fabricate, detail and install MEP systems in a much more efficient way. Integrating BIM in to your MEP firm will give you a great advantage due to the unique benefits it has to offer.

BIM software increases productivity within MEP firms as it allows for calculation, hazard perception and makes design checks automatic which saves the tedious work that would otherwise be done by members of the team. This means for the project to be completed much quicker, saving both money and time.

Building Information Modelling software aids in the space allocation of project which is a very important aspect when it comes to MEP projects. BIM allows for each engineer to accurately model their project through 3D systems, highlighting each feature of the project, making sure that the space available is optimised. BIM also allows for engineers to manage their project down to the smallest details which means that they will be able visualise how the small details fit in to the project as a whole, leaving for no room for error.

BIM software provides the user with the data associated with their particular project such as energy performance, component materials and cross information. This data analysis allows for calculations to be completed automatically which saves time. The data obtained through Building Information Modelling software can be used to update electrical and technical systems to better suit the needs of the project.

Building Information Modelling software also allows for everybody who is associated with the project to be kept in the loop about the changes being made to the design. This allows for improved communication among project teams and also eliminates the risk of miscommunication. MEP projects generally have a variety of different professionals working on a particular project so communication is very important. The resulting model will allow for information to be available to everyone involved in the project at the click of a button.

BIM software also gives MEP firms a competitive advantage when it comes to project management as the benefits of Building Information Modelling are fairly new and can allow for firms to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Building Information Modelling software is incredibly useful in the MEP industry as it increases productivity within the team, it makes the process of space allocation much more efficient, it provides data, it connects teams and it also gives MEP firms a competitive advantage. Building Information Modelling is incredible software and can be highly beneficial to the MEP industry.