About Us

ElecDraft Drafting Services was established with the aim of providing high quality electrical drafting services to the electrician industry.

ElecDraft prides itself on being able to consistently exceed customers expectation. Our consistent approach to service and quality has resulted in our continued growth and being able to support electricians on projects irrespectively of size and scope throughout Australia.

The stability and success of the company has also resulted in a stable and experienced team which ensures only high quality accurate drawings for our customers.


Our Story

Providing Electrical Drafting Services for over 10 Years

ElecDraft goes beyond making drawings as we provide problem solving solutions.

ElecDraft Drafting Services is a specialist in the electrical industry which ranges form small commercial building apartments up to multistory shopping centers, hospitals and office building and high rise towers.

Our scope of work is to produce electrical and comms drawings electricians. Our expertise in the industry extends on all aspects of any given project.

Our expertise in projects includes :

  • Major Shopping Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Major Office Buildings
  • City Office Buildings
  • Major Plant Rooms
  • High Rise Towers

We have been using ElecDraft’s services for years and we have been impressed with the quality and professionalism. We always get our drawings back in a timely and efficient manner.

Tim S.

Nothing is too hard for these guys. My requests can be anything from adjusting drawings to producing new drawings and the work is always produced as asked.

John R.