The design process of residential apartments is rapidly modernising due to the incredible advances in technology that BIM software has allowed for. Building Information Modelling software allows for a quick and easy design process, with tools perfectly suited to the residential apartment construction industry. 

There is a common misconception associated with Building Information Modelling software and that is that it is only helpful for large scale projects such as skyscrapers although this is far from true as BIM software is adaptable to any type of project due to its versatile tools.

BIM software can be very useful to residential projects due to it’s efficiency. This software can complete tasks in a much shorter time span than previous modelling programs due to the advanced problems the software can solve instantaneously. Building Information Modelling software has programs which detect specific aspects of a project and automatically complete calculations immediately which would otherwise take a long time manually. This saves your project management team both time and unwanted stress.

Building Information Modelling software also analyses aspects of your project such as energy efficiency and cost. This can be incredibly helpful to residential apartments as the software can predict the cost before the project is complete which will aid in keeping the project within budget. These predictions can also be helpful as they allow project management teams to design ‘green homes’ which are very popular at the moment. The figures will allow for teams to meet all of their electrical needs along with creating sustainable and environmentally friendly homes.

BIM software can also be useful when it comes to engagement with clients as the accurate 3D imaging allows for clients to be able to visualise the residential buildings accurately opposed to the confusion of clients attempting to depict 2D designs. The 3D layout reduces the risk of miscommunication without projects.

Building Information Modelling software also analyses key safety concerns which assures the team of the reliability of the residential areas. As the areas are designed to be lived in, safety is a very big concern. This is why it is so helpful for BIM software to double check all the possible risks involved in the project.

Building Information Modelling software provides so many benefits to construction, and, in particular the construction and development of residential apartments due to the efficiency of the software, the figures it provides, the 3D imaging and the safety analysis. BIM software has incredible potential within the residential apartment industry and it is vital for the future of construction.